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    Get the Xbox free codes and purchase anything – Xbox gift card codes are the 25 characters long which include the numbers and the letters. It is a unique code and all the cards have different codes. With these free Xbox one codes you can make the Xbox purchases and you can also extend your subscription of Microsoft.  Even if you have got the physic gift card then you can check the code which is printed on the physical card. You will also have the access for the evaluation of how much money is in that code.

    When you have the free Xbox live code then you can purchase anything you want to buy in the Microsoft store. For example, it can be a movie application or Xbox game for Microsoft device. When you get the Xbox gift cards free, you can get them redeemed anytime you want as there is no expiry date for the same. So these gift cads are really beneficial. You need not rush for it immediately to get it redeemed as no expire date is mentioned for it. The Xbox live code generator is an online free software which helps to generate the free Xbox one game codes.

    This is especially for those who are not able to buy it as it is not affordable so you can buy free Xbox live code through the code generator. This will help you to use it in the Microsoft store for the gold membership. If you want to know how to get free Xbox gift cards then you can register for the live account of Microsoft. The Xbox live code generator works on the mathematical algorithm basis. There is no need to pay for the code generator. So you can purchase any item or game from the Microsoft store with the Xbox one gift card codes.

    Xbox is a renowned gaming brand owned and created by Microsoft. These are actually the video game consoles that have been produced by Microsoft and so far 3 consoles have already been launched, namely 6th, 7th and 8th generations.

    Xbox Gaming Store, which was earlier famously known as Xbox Live, is an online digital platform used for the distribution by Microsoft for Xbox One and Xbox 360 video game consoles. These games use the Xbox OS for functioning.

    Xbox Live Gold is a community of game players on one of the highly advanced gaming network.

    There are many famous games that you can choose from like Sea of Thieves, LEGO Batman 3, RAGE 2 etc. Xbox Gift Cards are used for buying content on the Xbox Store as well as Windows 10 Store.

    You Can Use Xbox Gift Card Generator to create Xbox gift card codes for free which can be redeemed against gaming and other stuff available at the Microsoft Stores i.e. Xbox Store and Windows 10 Store.

    What Is Xbox Gift Card?

    Xbox Gift Cards are actually the Microsoft Gift cards because they can be used to buy any digital stuff of your liking, which is available on the complete Windows 10 platform. You can use them to buy games, apps, movies, movies and other digital content available with the Microsoft.

    An Xbox Gift Card has the Xbox Store and Windows 10 Store, both covered under its policy. So, you these can be easily redeemed on either of the portals.

    With a Microsoft gift card, the recipient may choose to redeem the card against the item of his/her liking. Xbox gift cards can also be used to buy the subscription of Xbox Live Gold as well as Xbox Game Pass.

    Promotional gifts cards that come from Microsoft Rewards or through the Xbox Live Rewards, have got a set date of expiry and hence, must be used before that. However, Gift cards purchased at the retail, do not carry any expiration dates.

    There are different Xbox Gift Cards available for different denominations. For example, it can be valued at $50, $100 etc.  However, you can also get them for free, only through Xbox Gift Card Generator.

    Why we need Xbox Gift Card Codes

    Xbox Gift Card Codes can be used to unlock Xbox Gift Cards of certain denominations, which can further be used to buy various items, across the different Microsoft stores i.e. Xbox Store and Windows 10 Store.

    Xbox Gift Card Codes are generated through the Xbox Gift Card Generator, which is completely free of cost and can be used multiple times. You can use the Gift Card codes to even buy the Xbox Gold Live subscription, which is paid feature on Microsoft.

    Xbox Gold Live subscription gives you the cool features like chatting, cloud space and special early access to the demo games which are played online with the fellow Xbox Gold subscribers.

    Types of Xbox Gift Cards

    Xbox Gift Cards have four types:

    Xbox Promo Code

    It is shared by the Xbox Network and used to avail a certain value of discount on games.

    Xbox Gift Card Codes

    It can be used for gifting purpose and comes filled with certain denomination.

    Xbox Live Codes

    Live codes can be used to purchase Xbox games, movies, and apps through Microsoft stores.

    Xbox Live Gold Code

    This code will give you access to the coveted Xbox Gold Live membership, free of cost.

    What is Xbox Gift Card Codes Generator?

    Xbox Gift Card Generator is an online tool, which is used to create free Xbox Live codes. Xbox codes are generally 25 characters long and are alphanumeric in format. You can further use them to buy games or free Xbox Live Gold Membership. It works on a certain programmed algorithm to create codes.

    There is no requirement of human verification or survey completion. All you get is an unlimited supply of Xbox Live codes and that too, free of cost.

    Where to Use the Xbox Gift Cards

    Xbox Gift Cards can be used to purchase any digital content like games, subscriptions, apps, movies, music etc. across the complete Microsoft ecosystem. So, from the Windows 10 Store to the Xbox Store, you are free to use them anywhere.

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