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    PlayStation is highly popular and sought out a video game console, which was developed by Sony Company. Till date, four versions have been launched. PlayStation was introduced in the year 1994. It was followed by the second version PlayStation 2 or more commonly known as PS2 in the year 2000. Playstation 3 (PS3) was introduced officially in 2006. Finally, in the year 2013, we saw the launch of PlayStation 4 (PS4) by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

    PlayStation is a comprehensive gaming brand which includes all in all four home video game consoles, a dedicated online service portal, line of controllers, a phone, and multiple magazines. Popular PlayStation games include Bloodborne, Days Gone, Mortal Kombat 11, Assassin’s Creed, etc. to name a few.

    Like all other gaming portals, PlayStation also has the option of gift cards, which are commonly referred to as PlayStation®Network cards or PSN cards. These cards are a hassle-free means of making purchases at PlayStation Stores. The process is quick, smooth and highly convenient. If you have a Playstation Gift Card, you are no longer required to use your credit card to buy your favorite items from the PlayStation. The cards can be purchased from both, online and offline retail stores, for a certain price.

    However, PlayStation Gift Card Generator can help you generate PSN Card codes for free, which can be used for the redemption, all across the PlayStation Stores.

    What is PlayStation Gift Card?

    Playstation Gift Cards or PSN Cards are the cashless and convenient means of purchasing games, movies, TV shows, upgrading your account at the PlayStation, or to buy some other fun stuff, available exclusively across the PlayStation Network.

    Playstation Gift Cards are available in various denominations ranging from $10, $20, $100 and so on. Since you only require a code to buy items, they are convenient to use and are preferred by the users.

    Apart from that, Playstation Gift Cards are also seen as a very good gifting option, for the PlayStation game lovers. However, these cards carry a certain cost and hence, purchasing them can be a bit of a challenge.

    With PlayStation Gift Card Generator, however, you can have it all, and that too, free of cost.

    Why we need PlayStation Gift Card Codes

    Playstation Gift Card Codes are essential to make any purchases at PlayStation Stores. You can buy yourself a premium membership, or, you can buy games or any other multimedia entertainment material available for access, across the PlayStation Network.

    Also, If you carry a PLAYSTATION Gift Card Code, you are no longer required to use your credit or debit cards to make any payment at the PlayStation Stores.

    Types of Playstation gift card

    There are in total two types of PlayStation®Network cards or PSN cards, acceptable at the across the PlayStation Network. These have been listed as under.

    Playstation Gift Card Codes

    Playstation Gift Card Codes can be used to upgrade the PlayStation account or to buy games, movies, TV Series etc. available on PlayStation. With codes, you don’t need your credit cards to transact.

    Playstation Discount Codes

    Discount codes are provided by the PlayStation Network from time to time. They can be used to avail a specific value of discount on a purchase made at the PlayStation Stores. Punch the code at the time of the checkout and the said amount will be lessened from your final billing.

    What is PlayStation Gift Card Generator?

    PlayStation Gift Card Generator is a free online tool that works on a certain algorithm. It helps in the generation of unique and usable PlayStation®Network cards or PSN card codes for free.

    You can generate multiple codes as well and you do not require any specific software to access it. There are no surveys or human identification procedures involved too.

    Where to use the PlayStation Gift Card?

    PSN cards can be used to buy your favourite game, movie or any other stuff available at PlayStation Stores. You can also use these cards for the purpose of gifting to your loved ones.


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